About Us

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Primary Structures Corporation is the largest construction company and property developer in the Central and Southern Philippines. Originally founded as William C. Liu Construction in 1951, the company was established to serve the design and construction needs of Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines and an important center for education and shipping for most of the country.

William C. Liu Construction was founded on hard work, determination and on strict adherence to professionalism. The company quickly earned a reputation for prompt, affordable and quality service and became the favored contractor for Cebu’s leading corporations.

In 1986, William C. Liu Construction was incorporated and renamed Primary Structures Corporation (PSC) and was awarded a Category AAA license from the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.

Today, Primary Structures Corporation is a dynamic multimillion dollar construction company with a full-time workforce of over 1000 professionals who ensure that projects are completed on time and under the strictest quality control. PSC has expanded to Manila and the Middle East and the efficiency of its workforce, combined with cost-effective project management continues to give the company a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Its workforce is complemented by a fleet of modern vehicles and well-maintained equipment which has also made PSC the equipment-outsourcing partner of choice in the construction and mining industries.

Through it all, the company has live up to those principles of hard work and professionalism which is the very foundation upon which Primary Structures Corporation was built. Quality, Speed and Service: these are the reasons PSC has grown to become one of the most trusted and credible construction companies in the country today.

That strong foundation upon which the company is built is translated into the foundation of concrete and steel in its projects.

A Company Built on Strong Foundation.


Our Mission

PRIMARY STRUCTURES CORPORATION is a Design and Construction company that provides solutions for infrastructure and facilities needs, ensuring optimum balance of quality, cost efficiency, and timeliness, using innovative construction management and technological expertise and a skilled, professional and ethical workforce, to establish long-term partnerships with our customers.


Our Vision

PRIMARY STRUCTURES CORPORATION aims to be an industry leader in the country, a trendsetter in effective technology and methodology, maintaining sound and stable Financial, Operation, Human Resources Management and developing new products and services for a wider market share.
Core Corporate Values
– Quality, Cost, Time and Safety Consciousness
– Continuous Improvement
– Responsiveness
– Integrity
– Commitment