From humble beginnings, ENGR. WILLIAM C. LIU SR. decided to go his own to test his business acumen and technical know-how thus established the WILLIAM C. LIU CONSTRUCTION on August 5, 1951.

Fresh out of school but imbued with enough experience from other companies, he decided to service the needs of the Cebuano community. Through sheer hard work and determination, with luck at his side, he was able to weather the turbulent storms that have been battering the history of the wavering economy. Back then, he would provide design and construction services to the small and budding local market, at times, single-handedly doing twelve jobs simultaneously.

When the magnitude of his construction service intensified, PRIMARY STRUCTURES CORPORATION was then incorporated in 1986. Today, the clientele has grown even more to include multi-national companies like Taiyo Yuden, United Technologies Automotive Philippines and Philippine Izumi Corporation, to name a few. Its capabilities now include Architectural Planning, Design and construction of multi-million peso projects. PSC is a holder of a AAA LICENSE from the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board.

The company’s product range has expanded to include all forms of shelter from residential homes (custom-made or mass produced), industrial plants and high-rise commercial buildings. Design discipline includes Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Sanitary Engineering fields from drawing board to the job site.

PSC’s personnel have grown to include different technical skills to service its client’s diverse requirements. The company has over 1000 personnel, 105 of which are technical men of different areas of concern. Thus, PSC can now service all areas of the Visayas and Mindanao.

After over a decade in the construction business, Primary Structures Corporation has also diversified. It has created business entities, affiliates and subsidiaries to complement its existing activities; each with distinct corporate personalities but a common pursuit geared towards augmenting the shelter needs of the community.