Mark Of Excellence

The PSC of Unity, Dynamism, Fundamental Strength and New Directions, is launched on May 5, 1997.

To signify the unity and strength, the S in its logo is made compact and bold, and enclosed in a diamond (rhombus) frame. It is also a symbol of the omni-directional dynamism with each direction representing the basic treats of the company’s being: improving quality, affordable cost, reliable delivery and excellent services. These symbols are paired with the company name using an italicized Engineering font to mean energy and dynamism, For its hues, the logo uses EARTH COLOR for PSC rests on good solid foundation, WHITE for purity & goodness in all its undertakings, and BLUE, the universal symbol for valor and peace.

More than a mere symbol, the logo is a reminder of the guiding principles of PSC’s corporate activities as it realizes its goals