Orientation Meeting of the Multi-Partite Monitoring Team for the Minglanilla Port Project

The MMT was formed in compliance to DENR-EMB’s requirements as written in the Environmental Compliance Certificate which was issued on Ferbruary 2, 2015 to the Minglanilla Port Project. This first MMT meeting was held in the Floridablanca Conference Room, 6th floor, 2Quad Bldg in the morning of August 4, 2015.

The meeting was conducted by the EMB-7 group: Cory Lyn Estavillo, Christopher Patrick Almaden, Fabiano Migraso Jr., and Karlo Miguel Cuizon; and attended by LGU representatives, Engr. Domingo Celeste Enad and Lito Nacario of the Minglanilla Municipal Planning. Also present in the meeting were PSC representatives Engr. Merle P. Alviar, Neil Adrian Guadayo, Josua Jorquia and Glecel Kristine Ventura, CPA representative Engr. Rido Sullano, Tulay Barangay Captain Joe Romulus Laput, NGO representative Blas Hipulan of Pastoral Council and ViƱa Salomon from the academe.

The members were briefed on MMT roles and responsibilities and given an overview of the Memorandum of Agreement. Everybody was in agreement on the necessity of port development with the appropriate environment management. The LGU adn PSC also informed on the urgency of rehabilitation works due to the worsening condition of the existing ort as affected by recent typhoons and climate change (see separate photo of port). Work will start with the introduction of a staging area and improvement of the damaged riprap wall along the shoreline.

Tetrapods_bandaid to break waves and prevent scouring which is weakening the slab