PSC Rockyoke Night

The entire workforce of Primary Structures Corporation rocked the Cebu Country Club last Saturday, December 6, 2014. Despite the gloomy weather due to the coming Typhoon Ruby, PSC was still resolved to pursue its Christmas gathering.

This year’s company-wide Christmas celebration theme is Rockyoke Night. With the typhoon’s threat, the gathering started earlier than what was originally planned. At 2 p.m., employees in their rock-inspired attire started coming in the venue for the registration.

After the invocation and singing of the national anthem, there were a few minutes of laughter from the crowd, reminiscing PSC’s 2014 through a short AVP.

An opening hoopla was rendered by the San Diego Dance Troupe with their impressive dance presentation. Operations Manager Allan L. Cabahug then gave his welcome remarks.

PSCikat Group Presentation followed showcasing various PSC talents that proves PSC is also a pool of talented individuals—singers, dancers and even actors and actresses. Of the 6 presenters grouped according to departments, there were groups which presented a mixed of song and dance number. There was also one or two which comes with a multimedia presentation combining a song and dance number with an AVP presentation. And there was even one which did not settle to just a song or dance but also rendered a comical skit.

As part of PSC’s tradition, every newbie shall have to dance during the annual Christmas gathering. Thus, after having been entertained by the 6 talented PSCikat participants, the crowd was also amused by the dance presentations from four groups of newbies .

After a while of witnessing the spirit of Christmas through the different presentations blended of Christmas songs and theme, it is now time to pay tribute to the late founder and chairman emeritus. PSC’s Engineering Director and CSPIC’s (Cebu South Port Infrastructure Corporation) General Manager, Engr. Merle P. Alviar, shared PGB’s humble beginnings under the leadership of the late William C. Liu. She laid emphasis on how superb the late WCL was as a mentor, boss, father and company founder.

Everyone was then inspired by President and CEO William Liu, Jr. In his talk, he encouraged everyone to unleashed the true leader in them, removing the yoke which hinders them from taking an initiative to move and be the rock that is strong, firm in facing new challenges that may come along the way as PGB continues to grow.

Winners for the PSCikat were announced and awarded with Group 3 (Team Juncel A. Merced) as the winner. Everyone stood up for the community dance led by the Management Trainees thereafter.

Minor and major raffle then went simultaneous with the dinner and the employees had the best of the night as the band party began.